Improving Cardiac Health & Reducing Disparities

Qsource actively works with providers, patients, partners and stakeholders to implement evidence-based practices that support the Million Hearts® initiative goal to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes. Specifically, we assist home health agencies, physician offices, clinics and other healthcare facilities to:

  • Spread the use of evidence-based practices to promote the use of the ABCS—Aspirin therapy when appropriate; Blood pressure (BP) control; Cholesterol management; and Smoking assessment and cessation.
  • Identify racial and ethnic minority Medicare beneficiaries and dual-eligible Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries to improve their use of the ABCS.

Qsource encourages Home Health Agencies (HHAs) to use the Best Practice Intervention Packages developed through the Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) National Campaign to prevent heart attacks and strokes. We help HHAs sign up for the Cardiovascular Data Registry to track progress related to the cardiac ABCS.

Our technical assistance with the HHAs includes:

  • Utilization of health literacy and educational tools to provide patient education.
  • Successful interventions and literature appropriate for all racial and ethnic beneficiaries served by the agency.
  • Intensive one-on-one technical assistance to HHAs experiencing staffing shortages and those with limited technological infrastructure unable to download educational resources and literature.

Cardiac rehabilitation plays and important role in reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease. Please do your part to advance patient care. Watch the
Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign Cardiac Rehab Video Playlist to learn more.

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You can also search our comprehensive library of online resources, where you can sort by Qsource state, initiative, patient or provider focus or simply type in a keyword for quick access to the tools and resources you need.
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IHI Whiteboard: Model for Improvement, Clip 2
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IHI Whiteboard: PDSA Cycles, Part 2
IHI Whiteboard: Cause & Effect Diagrams

Which initiatives are right for you?

Several Qsource initiatives compliment each other. See how other Qsource improvement initiatives allign with this one. How many fit your practice’s needs?

Learn more about these initiatives: Cardiac Health, Diabetes, MIPS, Immunizations, Behavioral Health

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