Coordination of Care

One in five Americans aged 65 and older is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge, but most readmissions are preventable.

Healthcare providers have made national gains in reducing admissions and readmissions in hospitals, but care coordination does not begin or end with an in-patient hospital stay.

Older adults typically receive medical care from many different providers in their communities with little way of knowing whether the providers are communicating with each other. This can lead to poorly coordinated care, unnecessary medical and diagnostic tests and increased risk of adverse drug events.

atom Alliance is bringing together state-wide communities to create powerful collaborations of change that promote the seamless coordination of care for older adults.

The goal: Reduce 30-day hospital readmissions, admissions and adverse drug events

We invite you to join.

atom Alliance will

  • Support community meetings and promote care coordination activities
  • Host face-to-face and virtual learning events
  • Assist facilities and communities in selecting measures for quality reporting
  • Prepare data feedback reports and provide technical assistance
  • Share the collective tools and resources of the five-state atom Alliance
  • Download Fact Sheet

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Coordination of Care Blog

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