From “I” to “We”: How One Nursing Home Improved Communication

One nursing home in Alabama was facing a communications problem and it was affecting the quality of care they provided to their residents. They needed to change the focus of their communications from “I” to “We.” Doing so would show how it truly takes a team, working on every resident’s behalf, to ensure the highest [...]

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Jefferson County Nursing Home Achieves National Quality Goal

Sandra Simpson is the Director of Nursing for Jefferson County Nursing Home in Fayette, Mississippi. She has been there 18 years and loves what she does. She, her staff and her residents also love that their facility has maintained a composite score of less than 6.00 for most of the last four years. Sandra Simpson, [...]

Reaching for the Stars: Nursing Home Uses CMS Change Package to Significantly Improve Quality

Roger Mynatt settled into a local Starbucks to drink coffee, get some work done and do a little soul searching. He got his latte, found a good spot to sit and fired up his laptop. The first place he went online was to Nursing Home Compare to check his facility’s star rating. As Administrator for [...]