Why Telehealth?

These are just three examples of why you should attend our 5-part Telehealth Webinar Series to better understand how it plays a part in your practice and your patients’ care. This series shares insight on how to implement the technology into your practice and how that integration affects your practice workflow to understanding if Telehealth is right for your practice and the education needed for both staff and patients to use the technology.

You don’t have to view the sessions in order, however, each does built upon the other with information that can be used throughout the series. Simply select a session, provide your information and click on the button to access the video and power point presentation.


Telehealth Session 1: Program Implementation

This session focuses on:

  • implement telemedicine services into your current workflow
  • navigate compliance and HIPAA concerns
  • expand outside the walls of the hospital
  • ensure the patient is in the appropriate setting
  • correct bill with payers


Telehealth Session 2: Making the Right Call on Telemedicine

This session focuses on:

  • See if telehealth is a good fit
  • Know the legal and regulatory requirements to practice telehealth
  • Find out common barriers to telehealth delivery for providers
  • Discover what trends we might see


Telehealth Session 3: Outcomes and Lessons Learned

This session focuses on:

  • Learn about the history and creation of the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance
  • Understand the key components of developing a state-wide telehealth strategy
  • Discuss the telehealth outcomes and program growth


Telehealth Session 4: Education and Simulation

This session focuses on:

  • Identify three areas of telehealth education to support providers, trainees and communities
  • Design education interventions that support and advance telehealth application development
  • Engage in partnerships to extend existing educational services while addressing the specific needs of new learner populations


Telehealth Session 5: Clinical, Operational and Financial Perspectives

This session focuses on:

  • Cherokee Health Systems shares their two decades of experience using telehealth
  • Clinical applications of telehealth for psychiatry, primary care, behavioral health, crisis consultation and pharmacy services
  • Operational, technical and financial considerations for implementation of telehealth services
  • Challenges, lessons learned and strategies for success in telehealth from a long, tenured telehealth program.