Think Culturally, Provide Quality Care

The Think Cultural Health (TCH) website is dedicated to advancing health equity at every point of contact with healthcare providers.

With growing concerns about health inequities and the need for healthcare to reach increasingly diverse patient populations, cultural competency has become a matter of national concern.

Healthcare providers can take the first step to improve the quality of services given to diverse populations by learning to be more aware of their own cultural beliefs and more responsive to those of their patients. Providers can think in ways they might not have before leading to self-awareness and, over time, changed beliefs and attitudes that will translate into better healthcare.

Sponsored by the Office of Minority Health, the TCH website offers the latest resources and tools to promote cultural and linguistic competency in healthcare. Continuing education programs on the site are free and accredited. You’ll also find tools to help you and your organization provide respectful, understandable and effective services.

Think Cultural Health is the flagship initiative of the OMH Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competence in Health Care.

Check out the TCH website and its resources.

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