The Commonwealth Fund Creates eBook for Medicare’s 50th Anniversary

Medicare at 50 Years, an eBook created by The Commonwealth Fund, comprises six in-depth papers about the past, present and future of Medicare, each written by a national expert on Medicare and health policy. Read and share with others:

  • Medicare: 50 Years of Ensuring Coverage and Care
  • The Affordable Care Act and Medicare: How the Law Is Changing the Program and the Challenges That Remain
  • Medicare Payment Reform: Aligning Incentives for Better Care
  • Modernizing Medicare’s Benefit Design and Low-Income Subsidies to Ensure Access and Affordability
  • Serving Older Adults with Complex Care Needs: A New Benefit Option for Medicare
  • Predictable Unpredictability: The Problem with Basing Medicare Policy on Long-Term Financial Forecasting

Also featured is a timeline—50 Years of Medicare: How Did We Get Here?

Go here to learn more and download the eBook.

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