Quality Payment Program Feedback Reports Now Available:

Targeted Review Deadline is Oct. 1

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released performance feedback reports that help eligible physicians and practice groups understand how they did during the first full year of the Quality Payment Program (QPP). Clinicians that participated in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) should have performance feedback reports available on the CMS QPP portal, qpp.cms.gov. Clinicians that participated in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) will not have feedback reports posted here unless they elected to participate in MIPS

Final MIPS performance feedback will include the following information for each individual clinician, group, or APM Entity:

  • 2017 final score
  • 2019 MIPS payment adjustment applied to MIPS eligible clinicians
  • Final performance category scores and weights

In addition to final score and payment adjustment information, final MIPS performance feedback will also include:

  • Scoring and performance details for Quality and Advancing Care Information measures
  • Scores for Improvement Activities
  • Performance details for Cost measures (informational only for 2017, not applicable to MIPS eligible clinicians who are scored under the APM scoring standard)
  • Information about Emergency Department utilization for attributed beneficiaries

If you would like to review your reports with a local technical assistance provider, contact us using the information below. If you feel there has been an error in your final score or feedback, you can request a targeted review through the QPP Portal (qpp.cms.gov). Requests must be submitted by Oct. 1, 2018. Targeted review determinations are final and cannot be appealed.

You can find fact sheets and a targeted review user guide in the 2017 QPP Resource Library on (https://www.cms.gov/). Questions about your performance feedback or MIPS final score can be submitted to the QPP Help Desk by email or phone (1-866-288-8292). Additional local technical assistance is available from the atom Alliance.

Phone: 1-800-528-2655

E-mail: techassist@qsource.org