Adult Immunizations


THE PROBLEM: Every year thousands of adults in the U.S. still suffer serious health problems, are hospitalized, and even die due to diseases for which vaccines are available.

PROTECT YOURSELF: Take this short quiz to find out which vaccines you need and create a customized printout to take with you to your next medical appointment. Some of the diseases you may be able to prevent are

  • the flu (influenza)
  • pneumonia (pneumococcal) and
  • shingles (iherpes zoster)

It is important to record vaccines you receive so you can ensure you are up-to-date and have the best possible protection.

HOW Qsource IS HELPING: We are helping healthcare professionals at home health agencies; physician offices/clinics and other healthcare facilities improve immunization rates by following guidelines and documenting when patients get their shots.

NOTE: Qsource provides immunization technical assistance in AL, IN, KY and MS.


Adult Immunizations

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