Nursing Home Recruitment

Being a caregiver isn’t an easy job.

We know what it’s like to care for patients, while trying to deal with complex policies and procedures on a daily basis. In fact, most of our Qsource staff has worked in a clinical setting at one time or another during their career. So we understand, first hand, the frustration many can face when trying to focus on providing quality, compassionate care.

That’s one of the reasons Qsource is so good at helping nursing homes make improvements in the care they provide. We understand the impact that even the smallest change can make.

Since the early 1970s Qsource has worked as a Medicare Quality Improvement Organization in various forms, from providing quality assurance through beneficiary review to transitioning to quality improvement work in the mid-1990s. And we’ve worked with nursing homes almost 20 years — that’s nearly two decades working side-by-side with nursing home clinicians to help improve the quality of care they provide residents. It all started with Nursing Home Compare, the pay-for-performance initiative Medicare implemented in the early 2000’s.

Since then, nursing homes and their residents have benefitted from our programs and hands-on assistance with reducing falls, restraints and pressure ulcers, improving staff education and turnover, ongoing guidance on topics related to pain management and dementia, and implementing processes and tools that lead to powerful patient and family engagement.

We also help nursing homes with quality reporting and other programs that can directly affect a facility’s reimbursement and bottom-line; like MDS coding, improving annual survey outcomes, reducing payment penalties and achieving higher total quality scores and higher value-based reimbursement.

As we move into a new decade, we’re thrilled that Medicare has asked Qsource to continue this important work in Indiana.

Any nursing home working with Qsource in Indiana means you get something extra for no cost. That’s right – no cost. You get technical assistance from a team of Quality Improvement Advisors who speak your language and understand the inner workings of your industry. They know your hardships. And they have solutions.

Our QI advisors can help reduce time and administrative burden when it comes to enrollment, implementation and continued data reporting. We assist with data, benchmarking and reimbursement and help identify opportunities to avoid penalties. As a key benefit, Qsource provides in-person technical assistance and training for clinical best practices, and is known for our educational tools and resources, and our online learning opportunities – available to clinicians, when, where and how you need it.

Plus, we connect you with peers willing to mentor and share their knowledge. That’s where you really benefit. Experience has taught us that improvement cannot be done alone. That’s why it’s important to integrate nursing homes into what we call “Community Coalitions” — a group of providers and stakeholders that share the same goals to improve healthcare, with each impacting and influencing the other.

Nursing homes play a key role in Indiana’s community-based work, as many of the efforts taking place in the nursing home setting tie directly to the outcomes of other providers. We encourage you to become involved.

Get started by contacting us.