Nursing Home Change Package—Now Available in Bitesize

The National Nursing Home Change Package shares and organizes best practices into seven strategies. Now, you can download each bite-sized strategy of the change package, along with supporting action items, to share with your teams to create measurable change in your facilities.

Click on any of the seven strategies below to download the individual strategy.

  1. Lead with a sense of purpose
  2. Recruit and retain quality staff
  3. Connect with residents in a celebration of their lives
  4. Nourish teamwork and communication
  5. Be a continuous learning organization
  6. Provide exceptional compassionate clinical care that treats the whole person
  7. Construct solid business practices that support your purpose

Individual Change Bundles provided in the package are also available. These bundles provide proven approaches to a specific topics that help providers more reliably deliver the best possible care for residents.

Learn more about how Qsource is helping nursing homes in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee implement these strategies.