Go 4 Life!

In collaboration with the White House Conference on Aging, the national exercise and physical activity campaign for people aged 50 and over, Go4Life, is bringing together more than one hundred federal, state and local partners to encourage older adults to move more and stay active for better health with advancing age.

goforlifeIn September, the campaign, spearheaded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) will celebrate Go4Life Month with the theme of “Be Active Every Day!” Campaign partners across America will mark the month by increasing awareness and sponsoring activities that engage community members, of all ages, in exercise and physical activities they enjoy.

Go4Life is based on research showing that exercise can help prevent many of the chronic conditions and disabilities associated with aging. Despite the growing list of benefits of exercise for people of all ages, U.S. adults tend to become less active as they age. Go4Life helps by providing information and motivational tools to help older adults increase their physical activity and by working with local and national organizations to provide an environment that supports these efforts.

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