What is a QRUR and how is it used?

The QRUR is the Quality Resource and Use Report. It is on the CMS Enterprise Portal and had a lot of information on past performance for Quality and Cost. You need an EIDM account to log in. It will show you how your cost compares to your peers and provide a baseline of where you were in 2016 which is the most current data available.

If 12-month reporting is required, what can be done for those of us who have not yet begun doing our MIPS 2018 work?

Work with us to help strategize the best way to begin collection and recording of your measures for reporting. You can report Promoting Interoperability measures for a 90-day period and almost all Improvement Activities only need to be completed for 90 days. So, there is plenty of time to collect data and even implement strategies to improve your score. However, the last possible 90-day reporting period will begin on Oct. 2, 2018.

So call (844) 205-5540 TODAY to connect to the technical assistance you need regardless of practice size or location. All Technical Assistance is no cost. We can help you with any of your reporting needs