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atom Operations

Who We Are: Cori Grant
Cori Grant
IDIQ Director
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Who We Are: Amanda King
Amanda King
Operations Manager
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atom State Directors

Who We Are: Bart Prevallet
Bart Prevallet, MS, MBA
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Who We Are: Mitzi Daffron
Mitzi Daffron
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Who We Are: Tammy Geltmaker
Tammy Geltmaker, RN, BSN, MHA, CHTS-CP
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Who We Are: Trannie Murphy
Trannie Murphy, MHIMA, RHIA, CCS
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Who We Are: Cori Grant
Cori Grant
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Subject Matter Leads

Lee Pearce
Cardiac Health
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Who We Are: Debra Bratton
Debra Bratton, RN, BSN, CPHQ, CPHM
Everyone with Diabetes Counts
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Who We Are: Margie Banse
Margie Banse, BA
REC Collaboration
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Who We Are: Leslie Hays
Lesley Hays, RHIA, CPHQ
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Kathy Munn
Coordination of Care
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Beth Hercher, CPHQ
Nursing Homes
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Who We Are: Frances Richardson
Frances Richardson, RN, CPHQ, CPHM
Sickle Cell Special Innovation Project
Technical Assistance – Quality Improvement Initiatives
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Who We Are: Donald Gettinger
Donald Gettinger, BS, CHTS-IM
Physician Value-Based Modifier
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Who We Are: Archie Hamilton
Archie Hamilton, MA, LPC
Behavioral Health
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Who We Are: Rebel McKnight
Rebel McKnight
Adult Immunizations
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Who We Are: Jennifer Ride
Jennifer Ride, MHIIM, CPEHR, CPHIT
Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative
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