Qsource’s Top 10 Patient-Focused Stories of 2015

There are many ways to keep in touch with the work Qsource is doing in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. You can follow us through the blogs on our website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Just in case you missed any of our most popular stories, we’re recapping our top 10 patient-focused stories, in order, below. See for yourself why our readers like them so much.

  1. The Urgent Need to Raise Awareness of Opioid Safety
    Debbie Miller, a state director for Information & Quality Healthcare (IQH) in Mississippi, an Qsource member, shares the story of her father and how he might still be alive today if emergency hospital staff had not overmedicated him.
  2. A Personal Story: It’s Time for Difficult Conversations
    Sharon Barclay, Quality Improvement Specialist for Qsource in Indiana, an Qsource member, shares the story of her father and how having difficult end-of-life conversations with him could have improved his care.
  3. This Is Why We Work to Improve Care Coordination
    Shelley Matthews, Director of the Area Agency on Aging & Disability in Jackson, Tenn., shares the timeline of her step-father’s hospital readmission.
  4. A Nurse Turned C. diff Survivor Shares Her Story
    In an interview with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Nurse Nancy Caralla details the suffering wrought by Clostridium difficile (C. diff). Not only did she contract it while caring for an infected patient, but she also lost her father to the infection.
  5. Passion of One Woman for Rural Care Creates New Community in Indiana
    JoAnn Burke saw a need for improved care for the aging population in her rural area. As the Director of Gerontology at St. Mary’s College, she took action to address it.
  6. In the Words of Mitzi Daffron, Daughter and Granddaughter
    Mitzi Daffron, advisor to Qsource, shares the personal story of how her family has been affected by Alzheimer’s in honor of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.
  7. Staying Independent as You Age
    Bernice Wilson O’Roark, MSN, an Qsource care coordination community leader in Tennessee, offers advice to older adults to help them stay independent as they grow older.
  8. In the Words of Krista Creel, Granddaughter
    To help others cope, Krista Creel, Qsource Marketing Specialist, shares the personal story of how her family has been affected by dementia.
  9. Free Class Brings Peace to Memphian and Helps Her Dramatically Lower Her Blood Sugar
    Tennessee resident Doris McKinley was scared when she learned she had diabetes, but she found empowerment at a free diabetes self-management education class from Qsource.
  10. In the Words of Donna Lee, Daughter
    Donna Lee, Assistant Controller at Qsource, an Qsource member, shares the personal story of how, as her mother’s primary caregiver, she has been affected by Alzheimer’s, the disease from which her mother suffers.

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