Qsource Top Five Sickle Cell Disease Webinars

Unpredictable bouts of pain frequently force individuals with Sickle cell disease (SCD) to seek treatment in hospital emergency departments (ED). If not treated appropriately or quickly, these individuals may end up in the hospital.

Through a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) special innovation project, Qsource has initiated a collaborative in the Memphis, Tennessee area to partner with hospitals, physicians, ED clinicians, patients, community organizations and other stakeholders to improve care for adults (age 18+) with Sickle cell disease.

“The Qsource has identified barriers to effective and timely pain management,” said project lead Frances Richardson. “And we have offered ED staff educational opportunities led by local and national experts on the disease.”

Qsource team members worked with experienced professionals and patients to produce webinars that are available for viewing anytime on our website. The educational sessions address:

  • SCD clinical overview and episodic variation
  • care plan tools, resources and appropriate treatments
  • evidence-based care and sample ED protocols
  • enhanced communication between patients and providers with web-based tools

Here are the top five on-demand webinars:

job tensionStreamlining Care for Sickle Cell Pain in the Adult Emergency Department

Dr. Patricia Kavanagh, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine/Boston Medical Center addresses acute pain management in Sickle cell patients who present to the ED.


knowledge testsPain and Sickle Cell Disease: Treatment and Guidelines

Designed especially for ED staff, the presentation from Dr. Jane Hankins, Medical Director of the Methodist Healthcare Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, is geared for nurses, case managers, nurse educators, social workers and other healthcare professionals who care for patients with SCD.


job analysisSickle Cell Disease – Look Behind the Pain

Dr. Patricia Adams-Graves, hematologist and Medical Director of the Diggs- Kraus Sickle Cell Center, discusses complications that may cause acute pain in SCD patients. She says while patients may appear to have uncomplicated pain, it is critically important to look behind the pain.


artificial consciousnessPain Management: How Much of an Emergency is Pain in SCD?

A Memphis hematologist shares information about SCD, its epidemiology, pathophysiology and survival trends. Dr. Jane Hankins also discusses the clinical presentation of vaso-occlusive pain or crisis as well as the treatment of pain for individuals living with SCD.


meetingAligning Patients and Providers to Improve SCD Pain Management

In this two-part podcast, national speaker and SCD patient, Dominique Friend shares her story of living with the disease. Dr. Sophie Lanzkron discusses the etiology of SCD, the epidemiology of pain and the quality of ED care for SCD patients.


Contact Frances Richardson, Sickle Cell Project Lead, at frances.richardson@area-G.hcqis.org for more information on our SCD project in Memphis, Tennessee.