atom Alliance Provider Opioid Dashboards Garner National Interest

Through a series of customized dashboards developed by atom Alliance, providers can now get personalized insights for their opioid prescribing rates.

At the 2019 CMS Quality Conference, atom Alliance’s Amanda Ryan and Bart Prevallet presented examples of the dashboards and explained how providers can benchmark the information against their community and state peers.

Ryan and Prevallet spoke with Bloomberg Law’s Madison Alder to answer questions and provide further details around the project that is helping atom Alliance and healthcare providers fight back against the opioid crisis in our region.


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Opioid Crisis Has Doctors Studying their Own Prescription Data
Story by Madison Alder, Bloomberg Law
Originally posted: March 8, 2019. Shared with permission. 

atom Alliance is working in five states to improve opioid prescribing and reduce adverse drug events. To contact atom Alliance on our opioid work, please email Amanda Ryan at