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National Quality Strategy Stakeholder Toolkit

Facilitate widespread, significant improvements in health quality.

atom Alliance partners are change agents focused on three aims: better patient care, better population health, and lower health care costs through improvement.

As part of the Quality Innovation Network (QIN), we help CMS achieve national quality goals by convening local communities for learning and action.

Our experienced staff works in partnership with patients, providers, and practitioners across organizational, cultural, and geographic boundaries to conduct quality improvement activities in a way that puts patients first and equips providers to do the same.

We bring evidence-based best practices to the bedside, with the flexibility to respond to local needs. atom bases its work on clinical evidence and generates extensive, reliable data about clinical performance.

We collaborate openly with a full range of health quality stakeholders. We believe improving health quality is an urgent priority that will take everyone’s best efforts.

atom Alliance is part of the national effort to


Improving Cardiac Health & Reducing Disparities - atom Alliance

Improving Cardiac Health & Reducing Disparities

We assist home health agencies, physician offices, clinics and others spread the use of evidence-based practices to promote the “Cardiac ABCS” and support the Million Hearts initiative.

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Reducing Disparities in Diabetes Care - atom Alliance

Reducing Disparities in Diabetes Care

Diabetes Self management Education (DSME) is a proven intervention for empowering persons with diabetes to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the quality of their lives.

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Prevention Coordination through Meaningful Use - atom Alliance

Prevention Coordination through Meaningful Use

We collaborate with Regional Extension Centers (RECs) to showcase proven interventions that result in primary care providers successfully meeting the requirements of the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program.

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Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections - atom Alliance

Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections

Using evidence-based strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) can increase the quality of patient care, save lives and decrease healthcare costs.

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Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Conditions - atom Alliance

Reducing Healthcare-Acquired Conditions

We are uniting nursing homes in a powerful collaborative to share tools, knowledge and experiences for improving resident safety and clinical processes and reducing preventable healthcare conditions.

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Coordination of Care - atom Alliance

Coordination of Care

We are bringing together statewide communities to create powerful collaborations of change that promote the seamless coordination of care for older adults.

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Value-Based Payment, Quality Reporting and Physician Feedback - atom Alliance

Value-Based Payment, Quality Reporting & Physician Feedback

We help healthcare providers assess clinical quality of care, care coordination, patient safety, and much more to meet CMS quality reporting and value-based payment requirements.

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Improving Immunization Rates

Historically, immunization rates among adults have been low. atom Alliance aims to change that by working with practitioners, providers, and beneficiaries.

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Behavioral Health Conditions

Depression and alcohol use disorder are common behavioral health conditions in adults, yet they are often under-identified in primary care settings. We’re working with providers to change this.

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Who We Are - atom Alliance

Who We Are

atom is a multi-state alliance composed of three healthcare quality improvement consultancy organizations. As a Quality Innovation Network, we are change agents focused on three aims: better patient care, better population health, and lower health care costs through improvement.

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News - atom Alliance


Our most recent media releases and announcements can be found here. Discover how we bring the CMS and National Quality Strategies to life in the states we serve. Learn about the latest improvements in the quality of care available throughout the spectrum of care.

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Media Inquiries - atom Alliance

Media Inquiries

We regularly share knowledge for improving health quality. Our leadership team has a broad range of expertise and is eager to help reporters. We want to help with your breaking story, provide background or to book an interview with a healthcare quality expert.

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